We're on YOUR side


What makes us different?

We're not Chartered Accountants.  So we're not bound by a code of conduct that's inappropriate for both you and us.  We can get up close with you and your business, we can be surprisingly interactive, we can be involved. Because we're INDEPENDENT.

We've been trading together for over 20 years.  We're HERE TO STAY.

A complaint you often hear about accountants is "he seems to work for HMRC, not for me."  Well, not us, we're ON YOUR SIDE.

Not being Chartered Accountants, we don't have a whole raft of costs to pass on to clients.  We don't pay startlingly large subscriptions to a professional body.  We don't pay for PI insurance we don't need.  We don't undertake Continuing Professional Development just for the sake of it.  We don't feel the need for fancy, serviced and overpriced offices.  We don't have a nice big atrium, hoardes of admin staff or the latest model of car.  You don't sink into our carpets or get dazzled by bespoke suits.   All of which means LOWER FEES.

But we don't sell on cost, we sell on service  There are two-and-a-half of us.  So when you call us, you usually speak directly to one of the partners, you don't have to explain what you want to a frustrating succession of obstructive secretaries.  We are ACCESSIBLE.

We don't count up the cost of every telephone call and every letter.  We'll give you a price for the whole caboodle from the start, so you don't have to worry about calling us once again - it's in the price.  So guess what - we don't spend time recording all those tiny amounts, so that's one more cost we don't pass on.

So what do we do?  Well, the usual stuff: accounts for sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, charities, you name it..., SA returns, VAT registration, returns and deregistration, payrolls, management accounts, business plans, we form limited companies, you get the picture.  We do a lot of unusual things too.  We offer a registered office facility for your limited company, so that when the boring statutory stuff arrives we can just deal with it, instead of your having to call us, be told to send it in and use a lot of your time.  We offer a nominee director facility.  What if you cannot act as a director ?  Perhaps you're just plain hopeless at running a business - great at sourcing the product and getting the customers in, but no good at the boring but necessary admin?  We can offer an "active" director faciliy to deal with the necessary issues for you.  There's whole lot more about this service elsewhere in the site - look under "a unique service?"

We have over the years accumulated a range of professional contacts - solicitors, mortgage advisors, insurance brokers, will writers, estate planners, web designers...  Do ask us before you instruct a stranger, we might know someone good!

But enough about us - we want to know about YOU!