Unique Service

Potentially the solution to so many of your problems.

The LHP service

We believe this is a unique service.  Certainly no other accountant we have come across offers it.

You have a good business.  For whatever reason, you need someone with extensive business  experience to come on board with you, someone who knows how to run a business.  Why would you do that?  Well, perhaps:

- you have a poor credit history and you're finding it difficult to run the business because of that.

- you're considering personal bankruptcy and the only thing (or main thing) that stops you is that you don't want your business to go down.

- for political reasons it just isn't practical or sensible for you to appear as a company director.

- you are, by your own admission, hopeless at running a business.  Great at sourcing the product, yes, and at getting the customers in.  But as for all that admin - forget it.

- similarly, you find admin a pain, you'd much rather be out there chasing the business, doing what you see as something useful.

- you need to spend some time abroad, whether business or pleasure, and want to know that your business is still being run as you would like.

- you already run a business overseas, and want to open up in the UK.

- you're considering retirement, but the next generation isn't ready to take over, and you don't want to see what you will still regard as "your" business go to the wall because of inexperienced management.

- you've sort of inherited the business because of illness or death, and need help.

- and umpteen other very good reasons.

How can we help?  We have two very experienced business managers here.  We know how to run a business.  One of us will act as director and do what's necessary to keep your business on track.  We'll make sure the PAYE and VAT are paid on time.  We'll make sure you have the right things in place to keep within the law.  And. of course, we'll get the accounts done.

Of course it isn't free.  Prices are nogotiable, depending on the level of activity, as you'd expect.  And you're not stuck with us, for your peace of mind we give you our undated resignation before you even appoint us.  You can date it and invoke it whenever you like.

Put like that, we really don't see how you can turn this down.